Grand Street has ceased publication as of fall 2004

Please feel free to browse through our list of past contributors, or contact for back issues and other inquiries.

Grand Street was founded as a quarterly by Ben Sonnenberg in 1981. When Jean Stein became editor and publisher in 1990, the magazine's format changed to encompass visual art, and we began actively to seek out international authors and artists to introduce to our readers. With Grand Street 48 ("Oblivion"), our issues became theme-driven, providing cohesion for a dynamic collection of ideas, styles, and genres. Since then, we've traveled to "Hollywood" (49) and "Berlin" (69), succumbed to "Paranoia" (60), exposed "Secrets" (66), and reveled in "Dreams" (56)--with such contributors as Terry Southern, Saul Steinberg, Jeannette Winterson, Kenzaburo Oe, Jose Saramago, Jane Kramer, Fiona Shaw, and William Eggleston as guides.


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