Grand Street Contributors
(Issues 36-73)

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Ammiel Alcalay

    "Atonement" GS 39, p. 152

Andre Alexis

    "The Third Terrace" GS 53, p. 231

Antonio Lobo Antunes

    "The Inquistor's Manual" GS 66, p. 79 (tr. Richard Zenith)

Nguyen Thi Am

    "Sleeping on Earth" (tr. Nina McPherson & Phan Huy Duong) GS 48,

        p. 226

Reinaldo Arenas

    "The Glass Tower" (tr. Dolores Koch) GS 61, p. 6

Paul Auster

    "Mr. Vertigo" GS 49, p. 37

Felix de Azua

     "The Passenger" (tr. Carol Christensen & Thomas Christensen) GS 42,

        p. 10

Georges Bataille

    "Madame Edwarda" (tr. Austryn Wainhouse) GS 53, p. 42

Ingeborg Bachmann

    "A Site for Contingencies" (tr. Burton Pike) GS 69, p. 44

Henry Bauchau

    "The Wave" GS 56, p. 227

Walter Benjamin

    "From Berlin Childhood in Nineteen Hundred" (tr. Joachim Neugroschel)

        GS 52, p. 112

Samuel Beckett

    "Eleuthéria" (tr. Michael Brodsky) GS 53, p. 75

Nina Berberova

    "Roquenval (Chronicle of a ChČteau)" (tr. Laura Wolfson) GS 59, p. 215

    "The Big City" (tr. Marian Schwartz) GS 64, p. 42

Brigid Berlin

    "Sweets" GS 68, p. 140

Marcel Beyer

    "The Karnau Tapes"(tr. John Brownjohn) GS 62, p. 118

    "Nightwatch" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 65, p. 125

Elizabeth Bishop

    "Was It in His Hand?" GS 36, p. 80

Andrei Bitov

    "The Game" (tr. Susan C. Brownsberger) GS 57, p. 214

Roberto BolaĖo

    "Phone Calls" GS 67, p. 171 / reprinted in GS 72, p. 35

    "From Nazi Literature in the Americas" (tr. Miguel Arisa) GS 70, p.6

    "From Distant Star" (tr. Chris Andrews"  GS 73, p. 67

Heinrich Böll

    "In the Bunker" (tr. Breon Mitchell) GS 48, p. 10

Keith Botsford

    "The Town of Luck" GS 52, p. 178

Rachid Boudjedra

    "Life Straight up"(tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 65, p. 65

Bliss Broyard

    "My Father Dancing" GS 45, p. 136

Luis BuĖuel

    "Gags" (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 56, p.16

    "Why I Don't Wear a Watch" (tr. Garrett White) GS 59, p. 18

William S. Burroughs

    "My Education: A Book of Dreams" GS 51, p. 194

    "Ghost of Chance" GS 54, p. 10

Guillermo Cabrera Infante

    "The Turtle's Cry" (tr. Sarah Arvio) GS 61, p. 185

Rosario Castellanos

    "Vals Capricho" (tr. Suzanne Ruta) GS 50, p. 195

Patrick Chamoiseau

    "Doudou-Menar and the Police" (tr. Robert Bononno) GS 43, p. 138

    "The Old Man Slave and the Mastiff" (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 63, p. 6

Sandra Cisneros

    "Little Miracles, Kept Promises" GS 36, p. 10

    "Dirt" GS 57, p. 122

Marcelo Cohen

    "Insomnio" (tr. Mark Schafer) GS 61, p. 220

Douglas Cooper

    "The Moron" GS 51, p. 58

    "Delirium" GS 54, p. 36

Julio Cortazar

    "A Rejected Chapter from Hopscotch"(tr. Alberto Manguel) GS 38, p. 40

Stig Dagerman

    "To Kill a Child" (tr. Steven Hartman, with Lo Dagerman) GS 42, p. 96

    "The Art of Sinking" (tr. Robin Fulton) GS 69, p. 109

László Darvasi

    "Stories of Kisses, Stories of Tears" (tr. Ivan Sanders) GS 60, p.221

    "Pages from the Black Notebook (tr. Ivan Sanders) GS 69, p. 6

Jennifer Davis

    "Reckonings" GS 73, p. 151

Lydia Davis

    "St. Martin" GS 56, p. 163

Fernando del Paso

    "News from the Empire" (tr. Suzanne Jill Levine) GS 61, p. 232

Alina Diaconú

    "The Drawer" (tr. Kristina Cordero) GS 62, p. 234

Mohammed Dib

    "The Detour" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 57, p. 41


    "Like my Father" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 66, p. 131

Fydor Dostoyevsky

    "Siberian Notebook" (tr. Peter Constantine) GS 67, p. 62

John Gregory Dunne

    "Playland -- Setting the Scene" GS 49, p. 83

Alice Thomas Ellis

    "The Evening of Adam" GS 55, p. 221

Diamela Eltit

    "E. Luminata" (tr. Ronald Christ) GS 61, p. 84

Victor Erofeyev

    "Irina's Miracle" (tr. Andrew Reynolds) GS 43, p. 102

Pierrette Fleutiaux

    "The Ogre's Wife" (tr. Leigh Hafrey) GS 37, p. 200

Christopher Fowler

    "The Man Who Wound A Thousand Clocks" GS 65, p.232

Jonathan Franzen

    "Argilla Road" GS 39, p. 180

Eduardo Galeano

    "The Story of the Lizard Who Made a Habit of Having His Wives

         for Dinner" (tr. Alastair Reid) GS 42, p. 182

David Gates

    "The Mail Lady" GS 45, p. 192

Nadine Gordimer

    "Safe Houses" GS 39, p. 102

Günter Grass

    "1961" (tr.Michael Henry Heim) GS 69, p. 186

Henry Green

    "Mood" GS 42, p. 22

    "Olein" GS 42, p. 42

Graham Greene

    "A World of My Own" GS 50, p. 10

Durs Grünbein

    "From an Old Logbook" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 63, p. 199

    "Transit Berlin" (tr. Andrew Shields) GS 69, p. 85

Einar Már Gudmundsson

    "Angels of the Universe" (tr. Bernard Scudder) GS 60, p. 114

    "Inside the Little White House" (tr. Bernard Scudder) GS 65, p.196

Hervé Guibert

    "Secrets" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 39, p. 66

    "Ghost Image" (tr. Robert Bononno) GS 39, p. 72

    "Hiram Handspring" (James Laughlin)

    "How to Talk About Sex" GS 43, p. 58

    "Personal Articles" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 53, p. 201

    "The Hammam" (tr. Carol Volk) GS 57, p. 81

Jočo Guimarčes Rosa

    "Those Lopes" (tr. Richard Zenith) GS 61, p. 176

Kirsty Gunn

    "Rain" GS 51, p. 100

Brooks Hansen

    "The Origami Knight" GS 52, p. 82

Milton Hatoum

    "The Truth is a Seven-Headed Animal" (tr. Ellen Doré Watson) GS 64,

        p. 102

Alexander HĢusser

    "The Son and Heir" GS 58, p. 112

    "Under Robert's Sky" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 68, p. 37

Liliana Heker

    "The Night of the Comet" (tr. Alberto Manguel) GS 61, p. 109

Judith Hermann

    "A Summer House, Later" (tr. Margot Bettauer Dembo) GS 69, p. 139

Wolfgang Hilbig

    "Knacker's Yard" (tr. Steve Lake, Caroline Mahl, Steven Lindberg, &

        Sebastian Thomas) GS 48, p. 80

Laura Hird

    "There was a soldier" GS 65, p. 187

    "The Last Supper" GS 67, p. 6

Pham Thi Hoai

    "Nine Down Makes Ten" (tr. Peter Zinoman) GS 44, p. 66

Mason Hoffenberg

    "The Refreshing Ambiguity of the Deja Vu" (with Terry Southern) GS 43,

        p. 168

David Holper

    "Language Lessons" GS 42, p. 134

Felicitas Hoppe

    "The Wedding" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 63, p. 32

    "The Witnesses" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 63, p. 35

    "At the Customs" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 63, p. 37

    "The Left Shoe" (tr. Andrew Shields) GS 69, p. 75

Stokes Howell

    "Uncle Ed" GS 49, p. 140

Duong Thu Huong

    "From Novel Without a Name" (tr. Nina McPherson) GS 45, p. 10

Shelley Jackson

    "Egg" GS 70, p. 202

Edward P. Jones

    "The Devil Swims Across the Anacostia River" GS 73, p. 09

Gail Jones

    "The Reincarnation of Madame Tussaud" GS 65, p. 7

    "Queenie The Wordless" GS 65, p. 20

Lídia Jorge

    "The Instrumentalina" (tr. Margaret Jull Costa) GS 68, p. 121

Edgardo Rodriguez Julia

    "Up on the Roof" (tr. Andrew Hurley) GS 66, p. 98

Franz Kafka

    "Fragments" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 56, p. 117

    "Frieda" (tr. Mark Harman) GS 63, p. 219

Janko Polic Kamov

    "From Freedom" GS 58, p. 207

Bilge Karasu

    "Hurt Me Not" (tr. Aron R. Aji) GS 62, p. 210

    "And How Come I Remember Now" (tr. Aron R. Aji) GS 64, p. 111

    "Fork' GS 67, p. 78

Yehudit Katzir

    "Schlafstunde" (tr. Barbara Harshav) GS 40, p. 88

Ozren Kebo

    "Hell" (tr. Maja Star_evi_) GS 68, p. 6

Anna M. Keesey

    "Bright Winter" GS 54, p. 215

Nora Okja Keller

    "From Comfort Woman" GS 60, p. 178

A.L. Kennedy

    "A Little Like Light" GS 71, p. 75

Daniil Kharms

    "A Man Came Outside" tr. Susan Brownsberger GS 60, p. 64

John King

    "The Football Factory" GS 59, p. 38

Angela Krauss

    "Currents" (tr. Mark Harman) GS 59, p. 181

Miroslav Krle_a

    "The Death of Mary the Harlot" (tr. Damir Bili _i _) GS 64, p. 228

Onat Kutlar

    "Yunus" (tr. Aysenur Güvenir) GS 55, p. 188

Linda Lź

    "The Three Fates" (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 65, p. 110

    "Voice Crisis" (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 67, p. 27

    "The Dead Won't Let Us Go" (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 70, p. 90

Fred G. Leebron

    "Cruise" GS 50, p. 153

Pedro Lemebel

    "Loba Lamar's Last Kiss (Silk Crepe Ribbons at my Funeral . . . Please)"

(tr. Margaret Jull Costa) GS 70, p. 156

Deborah Levy

    "Billy and Girl: Games" GS 52, p. 131

Julio Llamazares

    "from Yellow Rain" (tr. Margaret Jull Costa) GS 72, p. 55

    "Scenes from Silent Movies" (tr. Margaret Jull Costa) GS 73, p. 193

José Luandino Vieira

    "The Asphalt Frontier" (tr. Clifford E. Landers) GS 62, p. 192 

Jorge Luis Borges

    "Dialogues of Ascetic and King" (tr. Eliot Weinberger) GS 68, p. 48

Jorge Luis Arzola

"The Night They Gave Orders for Us to Be Killed" (tr. Margaret Jull Costa) GS 71, p. 105

    "Essential Things" (tr. Margaret Jull Costa) GS 71, p. 106

Shena Mackay

    "Dreams of Dead Women's Handbags" GS 47, p. 144

Curzio Malaparte

    "The Little Hand" (tr. Walter S. Murch) GS 64, p. 224

David Mamet

    "The Room" GS 52, p. 163

Giorgio Manganelli

    "From Centuria" GS 59, p. 132

Ben Marcus

    "Enemy in House Culture" GS 50, p. 31

Colum McCann

    "A Basket Full of Wallpaper" GS 53, p. 125

    "The First Snow" GS 63, p. 72

Tununa Mercado

    "Antieros" (tr. Peter Kahn) GS 63, p. 153

Sarah Emily Miano

    "Hands in Pockets" GS 72, p. 165

Christopher Middleton

    "Coriolan" GS 53, p. 215

Arthur Miller

    "Homely Girl" GS 41, p. 118

Steven Millhauser

    "Paradise Park" GS 47, p. 62

Shani Mootoo

    "Cereus Blooms at Night" GS 65, p. 146

Terézia Mora

    "Ophelia" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 70, p. 74

Fabio Morábito

    "Toolbox" GS 62, p. 182 "Man on the Run" (tr. Geoff Hargreaves) GS 68,

        p. 72

Murathan Mungan

    "Four Stories" (tr. Aron Aji) GS 64, p. 15

    "This Side of the Legend" (tr. Aron R. Aji) GS 68, p. 157

Abdelrahman Munif

    "A Gathering of Sheikhs" (tr. Peter Theroux) GS 37, p. 66

Vladimir Nabokov

    "Beneficence" (tr. Dmitri Nabokov) GS 54, p. 252

Alberto Guerra Naranjo

    "There Are Blows in Life So Hard..." (tr. Margaret Jull Costa)

        GS 68, p. 10

Geoff Nicholson

    "Footsucker" GS 53, p. 181

Cees Nooteboom

    "The Following Story" (tr. Ina Rilke) GS 50, p. 122

Beth Nugent

    "Another Country" GS 40, p. 168

Kenzaburo Oe

    "The Way of Eating Fried Sausage" (tr. Mari Haroshi) GS 38, p. 92

    "A Map of the World" (tr. Olivia Emmet) GS 43, p. 188

    "Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids" (tr. Paul St. John Mackintosh & Maki

        Sugiyama) GS 51, p. 202

    "From J" (tr. Luk Van Haute) GS 55, p. 47

    "The Sea of Language" (interview with John Nathan) GS 63, p. 208

Andrew O'Hagan

    "The Sea Shore" GS 67, p. 147

Ben Okri

    "Incidents at the Shrine" GS 41, p. 10

    "Infinite Riches" GS 67, p. 212

Emine Sevgi Özdamar

"The Long Corridors of the Women's Dormitory" (tr. Mark Harman)

    GS 69, p. 167

Charles Palliser

    "The Medicine Man" GS 48,p. 30

Orhan Pamuk

    "The Black Book" (tr. Guneli Gun) GS 51, p. 152

Iva Pekárková

    "The World is Round" (tr. David Powelstock) GS 49, p. 173

Victor Pelevin

    "From Omon Ra" (tr. Andrew Bromfield) GS 56, p. 46

    "From The Life of Insects" (tr. Andrew Bromfield) GS 58, p. 129

    "Sleep" (tr. Andrew Bromfield) GS 66, p. 44

    "Generation P" (tr. Andrew Bromfield) GS 70, p.242

Cristina Peri Rossi

    "The Milky Way" (tr. Laura Dail) GS 62, p. 6

Fernando Pessoa

    "Fragments from the Livro do desassossego" (tr. Alice Sedgwick Wohl)

        GS 38, p. 206

Andrei Platonov

    "Happy Moscow" (tr. Judson Rosengrant) GS 44, p. 96

    "Lobskaya Hill" (tr. Robert & Elizabeth Chandler, Angela Livingstone)

        GS 63,   p. 138

Giuseppe Pontiggia

    "The Game of Truth" (tr. Ann Goldstein) GS 52, p. 235

Richard Powers

    "We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder" GS 38, p. 182

Hugues Pradier

    "Into the Grave" (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 57, p. 166

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

    "Surati's Revenge" (tr. Max Lane) GS 46, p. 140

Marcel Proust

    "L'Indifferent" (tr. Alfred Corn) GS 40, p. 52

Horacio Quiroga

    "The Little Red Devil" (tr. Deborah Treisman with Kristina Cordero)

        GS 61, p.249

Deborah Robertson

    "Proudflesh" GS 67, p. 220

Rick Rofihe

    "Six Quarters" GS 37, p. 168

Amelia Rosselli (tr. Ann Snodgrass)

    "Untitled" GS 65, p. 222

    "Untitled" GS 65, p. 222

    "Collapse" GS 65, p. 223

Joseph Roth

    "Reportage from Weimar Berlin" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 69, p. 49

Luis Rafael Sánchez

    "Hum!" (tr. Rose M. Sevillano) GS 61, p. 130

José Saramago

    "Blindness" (tr. Giovanni Pontiero) GS 64, p. 69

Milisav Savic

    "Stifling" (tr. Randall A. Major) GS 68, p. 215

Rianna Scheepers

    "Barter" GS 66, p. 7 (tr. Peter Constantine)

    "Second Child" GS 66, p. 12 (tr. Peter Constantine)

Arno Schmidt

    "Enthymesis or H.I.H.Y.A." (tr. John E. Woods) GS 50, p. 231

    "Tales from Island Street" (tr. John E. Woods) GS 58, p. 178

Jean-Jacques Schuhl

    "From Ingrid Caven: A Novel" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 70, p. 226

Ingo Schultze

    "A Moment of Happiness" (tr. John E. Woods) GS 63, p. 179

    from "Simple Stories" (tr. John Woods) GS 69, p. 115

Kurt Schwitters

    "The Onion" (tr. Jerome Rothenberg and Pierre Joris) GS 41, p. 166

David Searcy

    "From Ordinary Horror" GS 44, p. 208

    "Last Things" GS 53, p. 59


    "On Cithaeron" (tr. David Slavitt) GS 41, p. 104

Luis Sepúlveda

    "Love Story Without Words" (tr. Garrett White) GS 61, p. 42

Elif Shafak

    "Hide-and-Seek" (tr. Aron R. Aji)  GS 71, p. 166

Charles Simic

    "Time Channel" GS 54, p. 34

Ali Smith

    "The Hanging Girl" GS 67, p. 183

Vladimir Sorokin

    "A Month in Dachau" (tr. Jamey Gambrell) GS 48, p. 232

    "Hiroshima" (tr. Jamey Gambrell) GS 71, p.48

Terry Southern

    "The Refreshing Ambiguity of the Deja Vu" (with Mason Hoffenberg)

        GS 43, p. 168

Matthew Stadler

    "The Power Lines" GS 40, p. 10

Antonio Tabucchi

    "Past Composed: Three Letters" (tr. Tim Parks) GS 36, p. 122

    "Books Never Written, Journeys Never Made" (tr.Minna Proctor) GS 72,

     p. 09 - 20

Amy Tan

    "Peanut's Fortune" GS 38, p. 10

Junichiro Tanizaki

    "The Silent Azalea" (tr. Anthony H. Chambers) GS 47, p. 194

Francisco Tario

    "The Balcony" (tr. Mark Schafer) GS 63, p. 117

Andrei Tarkovsky

    "Hoffmanniana" (tr. Natasha Synessios) GS 68, p. 81

Latife Tekin

    "Night Lessons" (tr. Aron R. Aji) GS 66, p. 203

Chantal Thomas

    "King of the Castle" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 58, p. 202

Javier Tomeo

    "The Chess Players" (tr. Jason Weiss) GS 55, p. 74

    "The New Inquisitors" (tr. Jason Weiss) GS 55, p. 77

Dubravka Ugresic

    "From Fording the Stream of Consciousness" (tr. Michael Henry Heim)            GS 39, p. 10

Karen Unger

    "The Heart of the Cottonwood Tree" GS 47, p. 128

Sandro Veronesi

    "A Painful Memory" (tr. John Satriano) GS 46, p. 42

Enrique Vila-Matas

    "The Boy on the Swing (Barcelona, 1981)" (tr. Margaret Jull Costa)

GS 70, p. 108

    "from Bartleby & Co.", (tr.Jonathan Dunne)  GS 73, p. 125

Ivan Vladislavic

    "The Box" GS 54, p. 88

William T. Vollmann

    "Divine Men" GS 36, p. 132

    "The Cave of Sheets" GS 39, p. 34

    "Pages From The Atlas: New York" GS 51, p. 12

    "You See, I Love Life" GS 53, p. 146

    "The Rifles" GS 56, p. 190

    "The Royal Family" GS 61, p. 138

    "Coffee Camp" GS 67, p. 51

    "Breakout" GS 71, p. 123

    'Breakout' GS 72, p. 177 (cont. from GS 71)

Abdourahman A. Waberi

    "August 1966" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 70, p. 172

David Foster Wallace

    "Three Protrusions" GS 42, p. 102

    "Tri-Stan: I Sold Sissee Nar to Ecko . . ." GS 46, p. 64

    "Chilvary" GS 55, p. 91

    "Death Is Not The End" GS 60, p. 6

Alissa Walser

    "His Wedding" (tr. Joachim Neugroschel) GS 54, p. 66

Alan Warner

    "From Morvern Callar" GS 57, p. 103

    "from The Man Who Walks" GS 71, p. 6

Peter Weiss

    "A Visit to the Pergamon Altar" (tr. Joachim Neugroschel) GS 69, p. 33

Irvine Welsh

    "Another Lost Empire" GS 54, p. 185

Edmund White

    "Reprise" GS 44, p. 10

Tennessee Williams

    "Not About Nightingales" GS 64, p. 191

Robert McLiam Wilson

    "From Ripley Bogle" GS 60, p. 26

Jeanette Winterson

    "The World and Other Places" GS 36, p. 164

Christa Wolf

    "June Afternoon" (tr. Heike Schwarzbauer & Rick Tavkorian)

        GS 43, p. 10

Can Xue

    "From The Apple Tree in  the Corridor" (tr. Ronald R. Janssen and Jian

        Zhang) GS 62, p. 152

Akira Yoshimura

    "Glorious Days" (tr. Keith Leslie Johnson) GS 71, p. 230