Grand Street Contributors
(Issues 36-73)

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Kamal Abu-Deeb

    (on Adonis) GS 40, p. 164

Theodor W. Adorno

    "Bibliographical Musings" (tr. Shierry Weber Nicholson) GS 39,

        p. 134

    "Wagner's Relevance for Today" (tr. Susan Gillespie) GS 44, p. 32

Teresa Allen

"A Voice From Death Row" (interview with Andrea Hicks Jackson)

    GS 62, p. 74

Nuha Al-Radi

    "Diary of an Embargo, Baghdad" GS 62, p. 48

Hilton Als

    "The Women" GS 49, p. 95

    "The Maids of Honor" GS 50, p. 48

    "The Duke of Dirt" (interview with John Waters) GS 53, p. 10

    "The Birds" GS 55, p. 140

    "My Pin-Up" GS 57, p. 142

    "The Player" (interview with Anjelica Huston) GS 58, p. 158

    "Looking at Pictures" (interview with John Szarkowski) GS 59, p. 102

    "After the Gold Rush" GS 63, p. 112

Louis Althusser

    "Zones of Darkness" (tr. Richard Veasey) GS 47, p. 36

Benjamin Anastas "Genes, Peoples, and Languages" (interview with Luca

Cavalli-Sforza) GS 70, p. 188

Daniel Lee Anders

    "Letters From the Hole" GS 60, p. 84

Olie Anderson

    "The Stuntman" GS 52, p. 42

The Atlas Group/Walid Raad

    (notes on the Atlas Group/Walid Raad) GS 71, p. 221

Aidas Bareikis

    (Notes on Aidas Bareikis) GS 71, p. 61

Daniel Barenboim

    "Daniel Barenboim and Edward W. Said: A Dialogue" (Moderated by

        Ara Guzelimian) GS 70, p. 46

Randy Bates

    "Natural Life" GS 41, p. 192

Charles Bell

    "Lacandn Journals" GS 50, p. 207

Raymond Bellour

    "H.G.F." (Herv Guibert & Michel Foucault) (tr. Arthur Goldhammer)            GS 39, p. 79

Nina Berberova

    "The Disappearance of the Turgenev Library" (tr. Patsy Southgate)

        GS 41, p. 94

Janet Catherine Berlo

    (notes on Plains Indian Dream Drawings) GS 56, p. 200

Ingmar Bergman/Jorn Donner

    "Demons and Childhood Secrets" GS 66, p. 180

Piotr Bikont

    (notes on Polish stencils) GS 42, p. 226

Adolfo Bioy Casares

    "Aphorisms and Other Digressions"  GS 61 (tr. Suzanne Jill Levine) p. 18

Andrei Bitov

    "History Lesson" (tr. Susan Brownsberger) GS 41, p. 148

Pierre Boulez

    "Periform" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 55, p. 179

    "Interpretations" (with Gerard Mortier) GS 55, p. 174

Louise Bourgeois

    "Selected Diary Notes 1949-87" GS 65, p. 29

Guy Brett

    (notes on David Medalla) GS 65, p. 45

    (notes on Susan Hiller) GS 66, p. 70

 Breyten Breytenbach

    "Thinking Fire" GS 43, p. 176

Peter Brook/Laurent Feneyrou

    "A Conversation" GS 66, p. 17

Luis Buuel / Max Aub

    "Religion, Eroticism, Death" (tr. Margaret Sayers Peden) GS 56, p. 8

Alan Burdick

    "Walden Pond: Restoring a Writer's Place" GS 37, p. 36

John Burgan

    "Memory of Berlin" GS 69, p. 166

Jon Burlingame

    "Scoring Hitchcock" GS 49, p. 234

William S. Burroughs

    "The War Universe" (interview with Raymond Foye) GS 37, p. 92

    "Ports of Entry" (interview with Brion Gysin) GS 59, p. 70

Larry Burrows

    "Vietnam 1962-1967" GS 65, p. 104

Johanna Burton

    "On Walter Anderson" GS 73, p. 33

Aldo Buzzi

    "The Touching Object" (tr. Ann Goldstein) GS 48, p. 22

Italo Calvino

    "The Road to San Giovanni" (tr. Tim Parks) GS 46, p. 10

Dan Cameron

    (notes on Doris Salcedo) GS 61, p. 81

Elias Canetti (tr. John Hargraves)

    "Notes, 1954--1971" GS 63, p. 20

Susan M . Canning

    "Notes on James Ensor" GM 73, p. 107

Luca Cavalli-Sforza

    "Genes, Peoples, and Languages" (interviewed by Benjamin Anastas)

        GS 70, p. 188

Miguel Cervantes

    (notes on Julio Galn) GS 47, p. 111

Jean-Pierre Changeux

    "Creation and Neuroscience" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 58, p. 75

Ren Char

    from Feuillets d'Hypnos: Notes on the French Resistance GS 71, p. 204

Noam Chomsky

    "Models, Nature and Language" (interviewed by Alexander Cockburn)

        GS 50, p. 170

Chou Wen-Chung

    "Varse: Who is He?" GS 63. p. 105

Francesco Clemente

    (notes on Julian Schnabel) GS 55, p. 33

Alexander Cockburn

    "Models, Nature and Language" (interview with Noam Chomsky)

        GS 50,   p. 170

    "New York and Me" (interview with Michael Moore) GS 51, p. 34

    "The Respectful Fetishist" GS 53, p. 208

Constantine Contogenis

    (notes on Kisang poetry) GS 43, p. 175

Dennis Cooper

    (notes on Charles Ray) GS 59, p. 33

Brian Cross

    "Diamond in the Back, Sunroof Top . . ." (interviews) GS 46, p. 84

Ann Cvetkovich

    (notes on Rachel Hecker) GS 56, p. 185

Salvador Dal

    "The Rotten Ass" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 60, p. 12

Mike Davis

    "Learning From Tijuana" (notes on ADOBE LA) GS 56, p. 33

    "Dark Raptures: A Consumers' Guide to the Destruction of Los Angeles"           GS  59, p. 6

    "Monsters and Messiahs" GS 61, p. 34

    "LA's Pentecostal Earthquake" GS 68, p. 97

    "Berlin's Skeleton in Utah's Closet" GS 69, p. 92

    "Isle of California" (notes on Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad) GS 71, p.103

Jacques De Caso

    "notes on Thophile Bra" GS 73, p. 174

Donna De Cesare

    "The Endless Dream Game of Death" (with Luis Rodriguez) GS 52, p. 61

Georganne Deen

    "The Girlfriend and the Devil" (notes on "Antique Digital Output"

pictures) GS 70, p. 225

Don DeLillo

    'Counterpoint: Three Movies, a Book and an old Photograph"  GS 73,

    p. 37

Catherine de Zegher

    (notes on Nancy Spero) GS 64, p. 141

Anne Doran

    (on Aura Rosenberg) GS 53, p. 145

    (on Brigid Berlin) GS 55, p. 209

    (interview with Mierle Laderman Ukeles) GS 57, p. 209

    (on Kara Walker) GS 58, p. 43

Martin Duberman

    "The Night They Raided Stonewall" GS 44, p. 120

A. J. Dunning

    "In the Land of the Blind" GS 42, p. 57

Umberto Eco

    "The Cathedral, the Flutist, and Interpretation" (tr. John Satriano)

        GS 40, p. 118

Daniel Eisenberg

    "Persistence" (tr. John Hamilton) GS 69, p. 163

Susan Emerling

    (notes on Isabella Kirkland) GS 71, p. 92

Okwui Enwezor

    (notes on Santu Mofokeng) GS 64, p. 158

Clayton Eshleman

    "Spectator, Specter, Sitter" GS 60, p. 241

William K. Everson

    "Raymond Rohauer: King of the Film Freebooters" GS 49, p. 188

Harun Farocki

    (notes on Harun Farocki, tr. Daniel Slager) GS 71, p. 197

Jane Farver

    (notes on Ravinder Reddy) GS 68, p. 181

Mitchell Feigenbaum

    "Maps, Molecules, Computers, and Chaos" GS 50, p. 222

    "The Cow and I" GS 68, p. 52

Peter Fend

    "The City as a Machine for Living In" (interviewed by Jerome Sans)

        GS 50, p. 23

Dana Friis-Hansen

    (notes on Takashi Murakami) GS 65, p. 221

Feng Mengbo

    (notes on "My Private Album) (tr. Geremie R. Barm) GS 63, p.27

Harald Fricke

    (notes on Dogfilm) (tr. John Hamilton) GS 69, p. 164

    (notes on Berlin art) (tr. John Hamilton) GS 69, p. 213

B.H. Friedman

    "Art World Details: Journal Excerpts" GS 51, p. 138

Robert Frank

    "From One Hour" GS 40, p. 32

David Frankel

    "notes on Gillian Wearing" GS 73, p. 94

D.Carleton Gajdusek

    "Kuru: From the New Guinea Field Journals" GS 58, p. 6

John Kenneth Galbraith

    "Reflections-1960" GS 37, p. 26

Eduardo Galeano

     "Abraxos" (tr. Cedric Belfrage) GS 37, p. 10

Jean Genet

    "A Reading of The Brothers Karamozov" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 47,

         p. 172

Alberto Giacometti

    "The Dream, the Sphinx, and the Death of T." (tr. Barbara Wright)

         GS 54, p. 146

Gary Giddins

    "Dizzy Like a Fox" (Dizzy Gillespie) GS 40, p. 126

Roger Giroux

    (on editing Elizabeth Bishop) GS 36, p. 89

Gerrit Gohlke

    "The Faserstoff Projekt" (tr. John Hamilton) GS 69, p. 221

Peter Goin

    (notes on "Nuclear Landscapes") GS 70, p. 185

Ramn Gmez de la Serna

    "Greguras" (tr. Philip Ward) GS 64, p. 159

Andre Gorz

    "What Way Is Left?" (int. John Keane; tr. Chris Turner) GS 38, p. 130

Mariana Gosnell

    "Up in the Air, Boys!" GS 45, p. 70

Glenn Gould

    "Forgery and Imitation in the Creative Process" GS 50, p. 53

Merril Greene

    (notes on George Herms) GS 56, p. 80

Durs Grnbein

    "Childhood in the Diorama" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 70, p. 32

    "Good Luck!" (notes on Via Lewandowsky) GS 70, p. 236

    "Monological Poem #1" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 71, p. 62

    "Monological Poem #2" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 71, p. 63

    "Monological Poem #3" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 71, p. 64

    "Monological Poem #5" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 71, p. 65

    "Monological Poem #13" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 71, p. 66

    "All About You" (tr. Michael Hofmann) GS 71, p. 67

Andy Grunberg

    (notes on Virginia Beahan and Laura McPhee) GS 70, p. 29

Hans Haacke

    (notes) GS 69, p. 180

Alex Halberstadt

    (notes on Vladimir Kovenatsky) GS 60, p. 113

Howard Halle

    (notes on Neo Rauch) GS 71, p. 121

    (notes on Marjetica Potr_) GS 72, p. 81

Peter Handke

    "Essay on the Jukebox" GS 49, p. 209

Reinhold Happel

    (notes on Christiane Mbus) (tr. Brigitte Kaltoff) GS 63, p. 233

Lynda Roscoe Hartigan

    (notes on Joseph Cornell) GS66, p. 42

Werner Heisenberg

    "From The Order of Reality" GS 45, p. 190

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger

    (notes on bug illustrations) GS 70, p. 201

Kurt Hollander

    (notes on Rubn Ortiz-Torres) GS 61, p. 33

Margaret Hooks

    (notes on Edward James's Las Pozas) GS 73, p 186

Dennis Hopper

    "Larry Flynt at Home" (with Terry Southern) GS 36, p. 176

    "Blood Lust Snicker Snicker in Wide Screen" (interview with Quentin           Tarantino) GS 49, p. 10

    "The Society of Models" (with Lauren Hutton, Kate Moss, Naomi                Campbell, and Christy Turlington) GS 50, p. 132

    "Don't Lick Your Balls: On Golf and Golf Clubs" GS 52, p. 32

Walter Hopps

    (on Edward Kienholz) GS 55, p. 89

    (notes on CPLY) GS 59, p. 98

    (notes on Yves Klein) GS 67, p. 101

    (notes on Edward & Nancy Reddin Kienholz) GS 69, p. 185

    (notes on Robert Ziebell) GS 70, p. 153

    (notes on James Rosenquist) GS 71, p. 45

Bill Horrigan

    (notes on Chris Marker) GS 64, p. 189

Anjelica Huston

    "The Player" (interview with Hilton Als) GS 58, p. 158

Chrissie Iles

    (notes on Marina Abramovic) GS 63, p. 193

Anna Indych

    (notes on Pepn Osorio) GS 62, p. 117

Eugene Ionesco/Andre Coutin (tr. Rosette C. Lamonte)

    "Culture Dreams: A Conversation" GS 65, p. 166

Kazuo Ishiguro

    "Wave Patterns" (interview with Kenzaburo Oe) GS 38, p. 74

Darius James

    "Black Pop's O.G." (interview with Melvin Van Peebles) GS 49, p. 150

    "Panther" GS 51, p. 178

Frank Andre Jamme

    (notes on Acharaya Vyakul) GS 66, p. 109

Lloyd Jones

    "After the Gatekeepers Fled" GS 47, p. 10

Erland Josephson

    (notes on Jouvet) (tr. Jennifer Folsberg) GS 47, p. 168

Louis Jouvet

    "How to Perform Molire" (tr. Carol Volk) GS 47, p. 160

Bilge Karasu

"An Essay on the Portrait of Two Women in Steadily Diminishing

    Light" (tr. Aron Aji) GS 58, p. 100

Mike Kelley

    "The Dirty Boys" (interview with John Waters) GS 57, p. 9

Adrienne Kennedy

    "Secrets Paragraphs About My Brother" GS 55, p. 113

Robert Kensinger

    "Orson on Wonderland" (with Kristine McKenna) GS 49, p. 236

Elias Khoury

    "The Memory of the City" GS 54, p. 137

    from "The Memory of the City" GS 71, p. 222

Jamaica Kincaid

    "Biography of a Dress" GS 43, p. 92

Mary-Claire King

    "My Mother Will Never Forgive Them" GS 41, p. 34

Rem Koolhaas

    "Regrets" (on Langdon Clay's Forty-Second Street) GS 57, p. 137

Sharon Duane Koomler

    (notes on Shaker Gift Drawings) GS 68, p. 117

Andrew Kopkind

    (on Stonewall) GS 44, p. 145

    "Slacking Toward Bethlehem" GS 44, p. 176

    "Bringing It All Back Home" GS 51, p. 234

Jane Kramer

    "Ants on a Balloon" (interview with Kip S. Thorne) GS 54, p. 164

Rachel Kushner

    (notes on Roman Signer) GS 71, p. 161

Maria Jose de Lancastre

    (on Fernando Pessoa) GS 38, p. 213

Robert M. Laughlin

    "Zinacantn Dreams" GS 56, p. 90

Maud Lavin

    (notes on Hannah Hch) GS 58, p. 128

    "Hannah Hch" GS 69, p. 24

Jean-Jaques Lebel

    "120 Minutes" (interviewed by Ann Doran) GS 65, p. 141\

    "notes on Henri Michaux" GS 73, p. 122

Pedro Lemebel

    "Anacondas in the Park" (tr. Mary Ann Newman) GS 61, p. 67

    "Steel Lace for a Penitential Pillow" (tr. Mary Ann Newman) GS 61, p. 69

    "Sharks in the Mist" (tr. Mary Ann Newman) GS 63, p. 195

Antonio Garcia de Lon

    "Resistencia y Utopa" (tr. Suzanne Ruta) GS 50 p. 183

Lisa Liebmann

    (on Nancy Rubins) GS 46, p. 63

Sylvre Lotringer

    "I Talked About God With Antonin Artaud" (interview with Dr. Jacques

        Latrmolire, tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 60, p. 251

Roberto Lovato

    "Fire Alley" GS 45, p. 152

Michael Madore

    (notes on Melvin Way) GS 60, p. 177

Naguib Mahfouz

    "From Echoes of an Autobiography" (tr. Denys Johnson-Davies)

        GS 59, p. 156

David Mamet

    "Salad Days" GS 64, p. 144

Thomas Mann

    "Letters to Heinrich Mann" (tr. Don Reneau) GS 63, p. 62

Laurence Marie

"Thtre du Soleil Tambours sur la digue" (interview with Ariane             Mnouchkine) (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 70, p. 105

Marcello Mastroianni

    "Like an Old Elephant" GS 62, p. 107

Jann Matlock

    "Delirious Disguises, Perverse Masquerades" GS 53, p. 156

Jackie McAllister

    (notes on Peter Santino) GS 52, p. 24    

    (notes on Moyra Davey) GS 54, p. 136

    (text of Collyer Brothers) GS 54, p. 203

    (notes Danny Tisdale) GS 55, p. 169 

    (text of Howard Hughes's Lost Dream) GS 56, p. 40

    (notes on Alexis Rockman) GS 57, p. 164

    (notes on Cindy Sherman) GS 58, p.176

    (notes on tienne-Jules Marey) GS 59, p.180

    (notes on Heinrich Anton Mller) GS 60, p. 82

    (notes on Mona Hatoum) GS 62, p. 209

    (notes on Isa Genzken) GS 63, p.51

Carlo McCormick

    (notes on Spain) GS 59, p.67

Kristine McKenna

    "Orson on Wonderland" (with Robert Kensinger) GS 49, p. 236

Ian McLean

    (notes on Gordon Bennett) GS 63, p. 89

Hussein Mehdi

    (notes on the Atlas Group/Walid Raad) GS 71, p. 216

Charles Mereweather

    (notes on "Archives of the Fallen") GS 62, p. 45

    (notes on "Memory of the Senses") GS 64, p. 221

    "Question of Legacy" GS 66, p. 149

    (notes on Ana Mendieta) GS 67, p. 50

    "The Rise and Fall of Monuments" GS 68, p. 182

    "Looting and Empire" GS 72, p.83

W. S. Merwin

    (on Aneirin) GS 42, p. 180

Olivier Messiaen/Jean Boivin

    "Bird Music" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 55, p. 134

James Miller

    "Michel Foucault: The Heart Laid Bare" GS 39, p. 52

John Miller

    "Aura Rosenberg: Two Railroads" GS 69, p. 225

Brenda Milner

    "Chambers of Memory" (interview with Jane Kramer) GS 64, p. 125

Ariane Mnouchkine

    "Thtre du Soleil Tambours sur la digue" (interviewed by Laurence

Marie) (tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 70, p. 105

Alexandra Monroe

    (notes on Yayoi Kusama) GS 53, p. 31

Geoffrey Montgomery

    "The Dark Room" GS 47, p. 222

Michael Moore

    "New York and Me" (interview with Alexander Cockburn) GS 51, p. 34

Fabio Morbito

    "Toolbox" (tr. Geoff Hargreaves) GS 62, p.182

Jessica Morgan

    (notes on Lygia Clark) GS 63, p. 133

    (notes on Sam Taylor-Wood) GS 65, p. 230

    (notes on Arturo Herrera) GS 66, p.239

    (notes on Eduardo Paolozzi) GS 67, p. 170

Toni Morrison

    "Black Matter(s)" GS 40, p. 204

Gerard Mortier

    "Interpretations" (with Pierre Boulez) GS 55, p. 174

Heiner Muller

    "War Without Battle: From the Autobiography" (tr. Daniel Slager) GS 69,

        p. 236

Peter Nagy

    (notes on Richard Pettibone) GS 58, p. 96

    (notes on Vivan Sundaram) GS 62, p.73

    (notes on Manuel Bauer) GS 66, p. 202

    (notes on Aniota Dube) GS 73, p. 149

Fujiko Nakaya

    "Conversations with the Wind" (notes on fog/cloud sculptures) GS 70,

        p. 69

Cees Nooteboom

    "Return to Berlin" (tr. Duncan Dobblemann) GS 69, p. 214

Glenn O'Brien

    (notes on Justen Ladda) GS 63, p. 165

Kenzaburo Oe

    "Wave Patterns" (dialogue with Kazuo Ishiguro) GS 38, p. 74

    "A Mythical Topos" (dialogue with John Nathan) GS 55, p. 39

Olu Oguibe

    (notes on Nari Ward) GS 67, p. 77

Richard Olney

    "Bouillabaisse" GS 46, p. 220

Olivier Ortolani

    "Liberating Chaos: A Coversation with Peter Zadek (tr. Ilka Saal) GS 69,

        p. 66

Suzan-Lori Parks

    "The Rear End Exists" GS 55, p. 10

    "Letter to Thalia: Whiffit" GS 64, p. 6

Tom Paulin

    "Dwelling Without Roots: Elizabeth Bishop" GS 36, p. 90

Georges Perec

    "Backtracking" (tr. David Bellos) GS 44, p. 194

Agns Pierron

    (notes on The Grand Guignol)(tr. Deborah Treisman) GS 57, p. 95

Roget Pol-Droit

    "The Shattered Hologram" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 68, p. 47

Elena Poniatowska

    (notes on Juan Rulfo, translated by Frank Janney) GS 62, p. 177

Neil Printz

    (notes on Walter Murch) GS 64, p. 101

    (notes on Isamu Noguchi) GS 72, p. 45

Cay-Sophie Rabinowitz

    (notes on Berlin art) GS 69, p. 132

Inge Rambow

    "Desertions" (tr. Jeremy Gaines) GS 65, p.165

Luis Rodriguez

    "The Endless Dream Game of Death" (with Donna DeCesare)

        GS 52, p. 61  

Tony Richardson

    "The Entertainer" GS 46, p. 32

Daniel Rothenberg

    "With These Hands" GS 66, p. 112

Ralph Rugoff

    (on Bob Flanagan) GS 53, p. 66

Danna Ruscha

    (interview with Jim Shaw) GS 56, p. 132

Sabine Russ

    "Highly Contagious Collaborations" GS 69, p. 158

    (notes on Ati Maier) GS 71, p. 113

Suzanne Ruta

    "Chiapas es Mexico" GS 50, p. 177

Edward W. Said

    "On Jean Genet's Late Works" GS 36, p. 26

    (on Olivier Messiaen) GS 36, p. 119

    (on two productions of Euripides), GS 42, p. 169

    "Intellectual Exile: Expatriates and Marginals" GS 47, p. 112

    "On Mahmoud Darwish" GS 48, p. 112

    "Cosi fan tutte at the Limits" GS 62, p. 93

    "Daniel Barenboim and Edward W. Said: A Dialogue" (Moderated by

Ara Guzelimian) GS 70, p. 46

    "On Emily Jacir", GS 72, p. 106

Jrme Sans

    "The City as a Machine for Living In" (interview with Peter Fend)

        GS 50, p. 23

    "The Game of Love and Chance" (interview with Paul Virilio)

        (tr. Carol Volk) GS 52, p. 12

Jose Saramago

    "The Nobel Prize Lecture" GS 67, p. 110

Ingrid Schaffner

    (notes on Chris Burden) GS 71, p. 203

    (notes on Salvador Dal) GS 73, p. 65

Paul Seesequasis

    "The Republic of Tricksterism" GS 61, p. 56

Peter Sellars

    "Theater, Opera, and Society" (introduction by Edward Said)

        GS 61, p. 192

Fiona Shaw

    "Illusions and Delusions" (interview with Jean Stein) GS 60, p. 150

Franklin Sirmans

    "on Wangechi Mutu" GS 72, p. 161

Rebecca Solnit

    (notes on Richard Misrach) GS 59, p. 203

    "Footwork" GS 63, p. 146

    "Caves" GS 64, p. 162

Birgit Sonna

    (notes on Berlin art) (tr. Joachim Neugroschel) GS 69, p. 157

Ben Sonnenberg

    "Upstaged" (autobiography) GS 38, p. 30

Soeur Jacques-Marie

    "Henri Matisse" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer) GS 50, p. 78

Terry Southern

    "Larry Flynt at Home" (with Dennis Hopper) GS 36, p. 176

    "Flashing on Gid" (Maurice Girodias) GS 37, p. 226

    "Strangelove Outtake: Notes from the War Room" GS 49, p. 64

    "Terry Southern and Other Tastes" GS 56, p. 139

Carol Squiers

    (notes on James Welling) Gs 61, p. 169

William Steen

    (notes on C.A.A.Dellschau)

Jean Stein

    "Born in Prison: Conversations with Jomo Davis, Elizabeth Gaynes and            Emani Davis" GS 54, p. 109

    "Illusions and Delusions" (interview with Fiona Shaw) GS 60, p. 150

Christa Steinle

    "Rivka Rinn: Time Station" (tr. John Hamilton) GS 69, p. 223

Andreas Stobel

"Karl-Hartmut Lerch and Hermann Kleinknecht: The Mechanics of

    Memory" (tr. John Hamilton) GS 69, p. 222

Robert Storr

    (notes on Tom Friedman) GS 57, p. 33

    (notes on Tony Smith) GS 64, p. 66

Claude Levi-Strauss

    "Letter to Paul Rivet, June 17, 1938" (tr. Arthur Goldhammer)

        GS 68, p. 44

    "The Shattered Hologram" by Roger Pol-Droit (tr. Arthur Goldhammer)

        GS 68, p. 47

John Szarkowski

    "Looking at Pictures" (interview with Hilton Als) GS 59, p. 102

Christoph Tannert

(notes on Erik Steinbrecher and Lois Weinberger) (tr. John Hamilton)

    GS 69, p. 224

Quentin Tarantino

    "Blood Lust Snicker Snicker in Wide Screen" (interview with Dennis           Hopper) GS 49, p. 10

Nathaniel Tarn

    "Stories of the Early Earth, Guatamela" (with Martin Prechtel)

        GS 62, p. 24

Ann Temkin

    (notes on Marcel Duchamp & Rrose Slavy) GS 58, p. 70

    (notes on Paradise portfolio) GS 61, p. 129

    "On Dorothea Tanning " GS 72, p. 137

Michael Thelwell

    "The Harder They Come: From Film to Novel" GS 37, p. 134

Peter Theroux

    (on Abdelrahman Munif) GS 37, p. 87

Lewis Thomas

    "The World at a Glance" GS 36, p. 70

Kip S. Thorne

    "A Voyage Among the Holes" GS 48, p. 148

    "Ants on a Balloon" (interview with Jane Kramer) GS 54, p. 164

Guy Trebay

    "Dunes" (Jones Beach) GS 36, p. 138

    "The Last Place" (Hart Island) GS 42, p. 118

Jeremy Treglown

    (on Henry Green) GS 42, p. 47

Stephen Trombley

    "Designing Death" GS 43, p. 32

    "The Execution of A.J. Bannister" GS 70, p. 169

Marcia Tucker

    (notes on Alfred Jensen) GS 68, p. 59

Peter Vail

    "Sorokin's Sacrilege" (tr. Catherine A. Fitzpatrick) GS 48, p. 254

Melvin Van Peebles

    "Black Pop's O.G." (interview with Darius James) GS 49, p. 150

Robert Venturi

    "Mals Mots -- Sweet and Sour -- By an Anti-Hero Architect"

        GS 54, p. 82

Paul Virilio

    "The Game of Love and Chance" (interview with Jrme Sans)

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